More than a cheeky pun (for F’s Sake) or a literal interpretation (four words that start with the letter F), #4FsSake is our way of highlighting themes important to our brand across four key areas: Femininity, Fashion, Fitness and Flair.

Why do we care about female role models, women supporting women, and how does this relate to our #GirlsWithGuts and #BagsWithASilverLining?

We at JLEW Bags believe in building character and dreaming big so everyone reaches her full potential.  We think sport at every age helps develop these qualities through team building, positive self-talk, staying focused in the present, managing stress and anxiety, dealing with pressure, focus on fun and enjoyment rather than outcome, goal setting, responding vs. reacting, focusing on one game at a time, fun and enjoyment and so much more . . . and these valuable life lessons will propel women to succeed, no matter what passion she chooses to pursue.

We refer to our bags as dream catchers . . . they’re fashionable and big enough to carry all of the supplies you need sunup to sundown, day to day on your way to achieving your goals . . . whether you’re a jet setting CEO, fitness instructor or soccer mom . . . we hope you see the silver lining in your bag and it reminds you to see the silver lining in every setback along your way toward success.