There’s still time to sneak in a beach read (or two or three) this season. Check out a few of our favorite books for #GirlsWithGuts.

Warning from the editor: These gutsy books may inspire you to finally start your dream company, ruthlessly pursue your dreams of an Olympic gold medal, audition for something new and scary, and/or believe in yourself.




My Fight/Your Fight
by Ronda Rousey
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Ronda Rousey’s biography should be required reading for fighters, but her story will inspire those who’ve never thrown a punch, too. Her book is a meditation on hard work, discipline, and getting up when you’re knocked down. Très gutsy.




Yes Please
by Amy Poehler
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It’s hard not to like anything Amy Poehler creates. Her Saturday Night Live sketches are brilliant, her Parks and Rec character can make you laugh and cry in a single scene, and her series Smart Girls is one of our favorite things on the entire internet. We love her book for too many reasons to count, chief among them, for its honest and down-to-earth wisdom like this: “That is the motto women should constantly repeat over and over again. Good for her! Not for me.”




Life in Motion: An Unlikely Ballerina
by Misty Copeland
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Misty Copeland’s boundary-breaking career seems like the stuff of fairy tales from the outside. Her honest memoir is an interesting peek behind the curtains of the hard work, sweat and grace that make her success so sweet.




Snapshots of Dangerous Women
by Peter J. Cohen
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Not a big reader? You can join in on this gutsy book club, too. Cohen’s photos of women are not only gorgeous, but utterly inspiring. Every picture shows a woman doing something considered unconventional or rebellious for her time.