What a time to be a female fighter!

We champion these women and are so proud not only of their accomplishments this far, but also what’s to come.

In an age of female empowerment, we believe these multi-talented women should get more visibility – on television, as the faces of brands, and as motivational speakers – and pay for the boxers who fight professionally!  Their stories will inspire you.   They often work in silence, behind the scenes, day after day, week after week, month after month, year after year making extraordinary sacrifices, with very little support to pursue their dreams much less compensation for putting it all on the line in the ring.   Female fighters are anything but overnight sensations.  They’re pure grit and determination and have the most amazing persevering personalities.   They’re not pulling thug stunts like millionaire McGregor . . . they’re too busy trying to make a living and a life.

Allow us to introduce you to some of our favorite #GirlsWithGuts (presented in alphabetical order):

MARICELA “LA DIVA” CORNEJO – 10-2 as a pro, 30 years of age fighting next month in Mexico

The minute we met her . . . in Mexico . . . we fell in love with Mari.  She has a delightful sense of humor and even warmer heart.

Others might focus on attributes like her looks, as Pro Boxing Insider acknowledges:  “There is no reason not to capitalize on your beauty so long as you don’t sacrifice on talent.  [Laila] Ali was gorgeous, but her skills earned the respect of fans and foes alike.  She was certainly more than just a model who boxed.  She was a fighter and so is Cornejo.”  Mari is so much more than a pretty face and she has our respect and support.

Listen to her story and words of wisdom in the following video: “If you fall, get back up!”

Stay tuned April 10th when she appears in the launch of The Real.

FRANCHON “THE HEAVY HITTING DIVA” CREWS – 3-1 as a pro, 30 years of age fighting in June

About singing, being a lady and a wife . . . Franchon went to a boxing gym to lose weight and never left.

Many likely know Franchon from fighting Claressa Shields in their pro debuts.   For more insight into the history of these two leading ladies, read this letter  from their Team USA coach who says:

“As a former team coach of both women, my first reaction was that professional boxing didn’t deserve these two shining stars. Women pro boxers are notoriously underpaid and undervalued. Women’s pro fights fights are rarely advertised or even televised. While fight fans report enjoying women’s boxing, promoters are slow to give women athletes their just due. Any pro women boxers making a living in the sport have done so by benefitting from hefty sponsorships. But if this is what they want, then I embrace their choice, and if anyone can make positive changes in the pro game, it’s Claressa and Franchon.”

GINNY FUCHS – 2017 Elite Female Boxer of the Year and boxer for Team USA

There were doubters and struggles along the way but Ginny stayed focused.  Flashback to 2015:

Now look how far she’s come:  Virginia Fuchs’ (Kemah, Texas) 18-0 record in 2017 was one of the most dominating performances in USA Boxing history. Fuchs won gold in all four international tournaments she was entered into, including the Continental Championships. Fuchs’ 18 wins included 15 unanimous decision victories and one RSC. She concluded her impressive year by winning the 2017 Elite National Championships in Salt Lake City, Utah.  2017 Accomplishments: Balkan Tournament Champion, Continental Championships Champion, Feliks Stamm Tournament Champion, Elite National Champion, and Strandja Tournament Champion.

Stay tuned, as she’s a leading contender to represent Team USA at the 2020 Olympics in Japan.  

HEATHER “THE HEAT” HARDY – 20-0 as a pro, 36 years of age, April 21st she returns to boxing at Barclays Center in Brooklyn

If you’ve been following us, you already know our affinity for this woman runs deep.   If not, allow us to introduce you to a true trailblazer in the sport of women’s boxing.  She’s a survivor, mother, friend, sister, role model and the quite possibly the most amazing alpha female we’ve ever met.  Learn more about her journey and why she’s not sorry she’s a girl here:

AVRIL MATHIE – 2-0 as a pro, 30 years of age

Equal parts stunning, fit and cool, we love Avril’s work ethic, spontanaeity and confidence that genuinely is devoid of ego.  She’s only just begun her ascent to the top so stay tuned and get a glimpse into another dimension of this amazing athlete and person here:

MIKAELA MAYER – 4-0 as a pro, 27 years of age, fights May 12th in NYC at Madison Square Garden

Again, if you’ve been following JLEW you know we supported Mikaela even before she went to the Olympics in Rio, identifying her as a rising star and are proud of all she’s accomplished so far as a professional.  It’s been an incredible run so far and she’s only just begun.

We sure hope Bob keeps his word and puts Mikaela on as a main event for Top Rank this year!

He said it here:

SAMANTHA “LEGZ” PILL – 2-0 as a pro, 31 years of age, fights April 21st at the Fairmont State Feaster Center

In between raising two children, working a 56 acre farm in West Virginia and pulling night shifts at the hospital, Sammi pursues her professional boxing career.   She’s over 6′ tall with a heart of gold to match her golden locks.

Read more here and watch her pro debut promotional video here:

KAYE SCOTT – competes in the Australian Commonwealth games tomorrow

We wish we could say we’ve been following Kaye’s amazing journey since she fought in the first female boxing match since 1986 in NSW Australia (in 2009) shown in this video below, but alas it’s only been for a couple of years yet we’re huge fans!   What an amazing journey Kaye’s been on since she caught our attention: from winning Silver at Worlds in Kazakhstan to winning the NSW state title in 2017 and being awarded the Highest Internationally Ranked Australian Elite Women’s Boxer in 2017 for her achievements in the sport.  She competes in the Australian Commonwealth games tomorrow and we’re cheering oh so loudly from here in NYC for you Kaye!

CLARESSA “T REX” SHIELDS – 5-0 as a pro, 23 years of age, June 22nd fighting for the vacant IBF and WBA Female World Titles

Last but absolutely positively most definitely NOT least, is Claressa Shields.  We’ve seen her in action and wouldn’t want to go anywhere inside a ring with her!

She has held the unified WBC and IBF female super middleweight titles since 2017, and the Women Boxing Archive Network super middleweight title since January 2018.  As an amateur she won a gold medal in the women’s middleweight division at the 2012 and 2016 Olympics, making her the first American boxer—female or male—to win consecutive Olympic medals and the very first woman to win a gold medal in boxing at the Olympics.

Remember when Team U.S.A.’s public-relations consultant in the documentary T-Rex looked at Claressa and said: “I would love for you to stop saying that you like beating people up and making them cry”?  Read more about that interaction and other ridiculous double standards for women versus men in boxing here. It didn’t deter Claressa and we’re not sure anything can.   Claressa is on a mission to get respect, equal airtime and equal pay and we can’t wait to watch how far she’ll go!

She wants to be at the top of the list of names of best female boxers in the world . . . she made history and felt like people didn’t even know she existed, hence her decision to turn pro.   Watch more here: