In 1999, photographer Annie Leibovitz released her photography series Women. Upon the project’s release, Leibovitz’s then-collaborator Susan Sontag called it a “work in progress.” Now, 15 years later, Leibovitz and Gloria Steinem are continuing that work in the roving UBS-commissioned exhibit “WOMEN: New Portraits.” The New York exhibit is housed in the gymnasium of a former women’s prison, Bayview Correctional Facility, on the West Side of Manhattan.

Marion Parke, a foot surgeon turned shoe designer, has always been fascinated by feet and shoes. She designed a line of luxury heels that are “wearable” (she notes that she does not use the word “comfortable” to describe heels). She shares what makes her shoes different and what you should look for when buying shoes.


Image via Marion Parke

Flexibility is very important for physical performance with both everyday movements and athletic activities. Lack of flexibility can eventually lead to a reduction of mobility in the joints. Yoga poses are great for stretching and increasing flexibility.


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This year at Art Basel Miami, Zoe Buckman exhibited Champ, a piece from her series Mostly It’s Just Uncomfortable, the work is part of Buckman’s response to the attack on Planned Parenthood in the United States, the consequent deprivation of access to free sexual health care for underserved women, as well as the attempted curtailing of a woman’s right to make choices concerning her own body.


Image via ArtBinder