There’s a first time for everything and in light of all of the negative press these days this came at the perfect time . . . never before have we seen a headline like this and it makes us grin from ear to ear:

MICHAEL “Mick” CONLAN, SHAKUR STEVENSON, and MIKAELA MAYER will complete their first season as professionals on the undercard of the historic collision between world champions VASILY “Hi-Tech” LOMACHENKO.and.GUILLERMO “El Chacal” RIGONDEAUX, Saturday, December 9, at The Theater at Madison Square Garden.

This is the FIRST TIME Top Rank signed a female fighter . . . and she gets to fight at MSG for her third fight as a professional . . . kind of a really big deal and we’re so proud of you!

Stay tuned to our IG for information on viewing and the after party.  Let’s go MIKAELA!!!!!!


It’s finally puffy coat season in NYC!  Looking for a coat that goes from workout to work to weekend in style just like JLEW bags?  Then look no further than Post Card.  Just because it isn’t bikini season doesn’t mean you can’t feel good and look hot!


Although few people deny the importance of brain health, most of us don’t focus as much effort on taking care of our brains as we do our bodies. The misnomer that physical fitness trumps mental health is at our detriment. The reality is that we need balance, both mentally and physically.

Numerous studies help us appreciate why the beach may be the premier destination for us to unwind and recharge our minds.  Read more here then book a New Year’s beach adventure without feeling guilty!  As a fellow #GirlsWithGuts shared with us just this week, there’s no guilt in pleasure . . . especially when science proves it’s good for you!

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We gutsy gals are all about adventures.  We march to the beat of our own drum and like to discover the cool places, not show up once they’ve been discovered by the masses already.  2018 is right around the corner and we challenge each of you to plan a trip in the new year.  Thank Bloomberg for this list of seven newly accessible wonders of the world – which is top on your list?

An overhead view of Ciudad Perdida, high in the Sierra Nevada of Colombia.Photographer: Thierry Monasse/Corbis News