We stumbled upon a gem of a report this week and couldn’t help but share.  Our sincerest compliments go out to the team at WMC, Women’s Media Center, for the great work they’re doing.  The report we reference is an annual assessment of how a diversity of females fare across all media platforms—and in arenas including education, engineering and technology that pump workers into the media pipeline—finds areas of progress, regress and, sadly, outright pushback.

Fake news threatens democracy, as does news that does not include the equal voices, perspectives and experiences of over half the population.  Read the full report here.

We’re well aware of the lack of media coverage for female athletes, but even we were stunned to see some of their research in print.   A few graphics follow.


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We love the concept of Mission 360 – access your favorite fitness classes online, anywhere, anytime – and the gutsy founder Erin Sykes!   That’s why we teamed up with them for their series of events at SAKS Wellery.  If you missed last week’s class, sign up now for the next one Monday here.   The event event features 1 Hour Mat Pilates let by VIA Barre & Wellness + 30 Mins Meditation led by Cassandra Bodzak.

Mission 360


Yesterday we had the pleasure of viewing the exhibit displayed on the beautiful ceiling of Grand Central Station currently celebrating some remarkable women; the exhibit treated great female scientists and engineers like they were stars in “Unseen Stars,” a program funded by GE.    See and learn more here in case you missed it.

It got us thinking about other remarkable women, not celebrated to the extent they should be.   Like the Polgar sisters.   Do you know about these remarkable #girlswithguts?  Their father believed ” . . . that innate talent is nothing, that [success] is 99 percent hard work,” He home schooled each of his daughters and created three chess prodigies who grew into contenders, won World titles and Olympiad gold medals, ended the Soviet dominance in women’s chess, broke through the gender and age barriers, and generally revolutionized the game.

In the game of chess, one woman has dominated all others and is considered the best female player of all time, Judit Polgar, ranked #1 for 26 years consecutively.   Polgár is the only woman to have won a game against a reigning world number one player, and has defeated eleven current or former world champions in either rapid or classical chess.  Her Wikipedia profile might give you goosebumps . . . check it out here.

We love that she became a mother, continued to compete, coached a boys team . . . so much.  But our favorite soundbite follows:  “By seeking out and often besting the toughest competition the Polgars showed that there are no inherent limitations to their aptitude — an idea that many male players refused to accept until they had unceremoniously been crushed by a twelve-year-old with a ponytail.”

Budapest, 1993: In one of her greatest scalps and most lucrative purses, Polgar defeats world champion Boris Spassky, winning $110,000. Source: CNN.