We had so much fun this past week working out and hanging in the Hamptons with a great group of #GirlsWithGuts.  Thanks so much to all who helped make it such a great success.  There were so many fantastic organic instances of women helping other women which lifted everyone up.  This is what our #GirlsWithGuts community is all about and we look forward to many more opportunities to celebrate other women’s accomplishments.

Speaking of celebrating other women’s accomplishments, we’re so proud of Heather “The Heat” Hardy and the award she’s receiving tomorrow in Vegas celebrating what’s she’s accomplished for the sport of women’s boxing at Titans of the Trade: Dream, Conquer, Sparkle.   She fights 10/20 at Mohegan Sun on Bellator 185 card.  We’ll be there to cheer her on and hope you will too!


Health IS the new wealth and we think it will remain fashionable for quite some time.  We also believe health relates to more than just how you eat.  It’s a mindset that can be learned.

We appreciate the tools set forth in this Goop article on how to strengthen the resilience muscle . . . everyone goes through tough times but not everyone handles them resiliently.

Fighters believe in lessons, not losses.  It’s why we have so much respect for them.  You have to be tough mentally to be a fighter.   But you don’t have to be a boxer to be a fighter . . . entrepreneurs, mothers, writers, etc. fight too.  Take J.K. Rowling, for instance.   This piece by Zat Rana walks through her story of resilience and fighting well and offers useful advice for dealing with seemingly insurmountable obstacles: choose to see rock bottom as a foundation and not a conclusion, use limitations to fuel resourcefulness and inspiration, and take control by increasing your odds with persistence.


Thank you BuzzFeed for encouraging other women to train like boxers!

Some of our favorite sound bites from the reactions of these women on their experience training for a month follow: what surprised me was how fun boxing is . . . you have to be present . . . I feel more empowered and disciplined . . . it is a physical chess match . . . it’s not just brutally wailing on someone . . . I found a passion for it that I didn’t know I had . . . at the end I felt like I could accomplish anything . . .



We are excited to support and congratulate Columbia Business School alum Jacqueline Joseph who directed and produced WINNING, a film about five legendary athletes.  The inspiring journeys of gutsy gals Martina Navratilova and Nadia Comaneci are told, among others.    See the trailer here:

 The film will have a week-long opening run at Cinepolis Cinemas Chelsea in NYC beginning Friday September 8th.  Some of our #GirlsWithGuts will attend – email info@jlewbags.com if you’d like to join us!