Oh boy could we go on a rant about our take on attending the #MayMacWorldTour here in New York (think mob mentality gone absolutely awry), but we’ll opt to shine a light on a more positive announcement in boxing this week, Mikaela Mayer‘s upcoming pro debut!  **NEVER BEFORE** has Top Rank, the premier promotions company for the sport of boxing, signed a female boxer.  Mikaela joins the rank of legends they championed including Muhammad Ali, Roberto Duran, Joe FrazierManny PacquiaoSugar Ray LeonardFloyd Mayweather Jr., George Foreman, Oscar de la Hoya, among so many others.

“I had never trained a female boxer before I decided to train Mikaela, and it was one of the best decisions I’ve made in my coaching career,” said her coach Al Mitchell, head coach of the 1996 US Olympic boxing team for which Floyd Mayweather medaled.   She will make her pro debut next month in her hometown of Los Angeles on the undercard of the ESPN card headlined by LomachenkoMarriaga.

If you have been following JLEW Bags, you know that we have been cheering for Mikaela since the beginning.    In fact, when our founder was asked who do you want to be a face of your brand, Mikaela was the first person she named.  Our bags are inspired by boxing (Jamie needed a bag big enough to hold her training gear but fashionable enough to carry to the office), they’re also manufactured in America (Mikaela carried them to Rio when she fought in the 2016 Olympics for Team USA) . . . they’re bold and beautiful, just like Mikaela!

We are ecstatic to see Mikaela getting this opportunity to shine.  She’s worked incredibly hard, persevered through so much and done it all with grace and some good laughs with her captain Ginny Fuchs, also an amazing boxer.

Get your tickets to the fight here and see the first commercial we made with her below:


Can new denim ever be as good as vintage?   Vogue says yes and so do we!  We are SO excited to introduce our denim hobo to you next month.  We are helping give new life to denim destined to go to the garbage thanks to a three generation business in Guatemala that produces textiles from denim waste and upcycled cotton, The New Denim Project: “Sustainability is not only a trend, but it’s our obligation.”   Watch a video about their work here.   Join our mailing list for insider access.

Fitness & Flair

Academy Award winner Charlize Theron has our attention and we can’t wait to watch the premiere of Atomic Blonde later this month!  Watch a made for #GirlsWithGuts clip here.

To take on the biggest action role for a woman to date, the 41-year-old actress learned different types of martial arts to pull off the intense stunts as an international spy. In a Variety interview, she admitted to twisting her knee, bruising her ribs and having to undergo extensive dental surgery, because she clenched down so hard on her jaw she cracked two teeth while getting in shape to throw burly men over her shoulders.

Before you roll your eyes and get disturbed, hear why we care / what she said about the experiences in an Inquirer interview . . . that the physical challenges only made her mentally stronger.  Ding, ding, ding!  When we applaud strength, it’s most often of the mental variety and we believe physical feats help develop mental strength.

We LOVED this New York Times piece Women Who Have the Chops, particularly Michelle Rodriguez‘s section on positions of strength: “Guys, when they write women and they want them to be badass,” she said, “they still put them in lipstick and heels, and I’m over it.” Then there’s the plight of the autonomous woman. “Sometimes for guy screenwriters, it’s hard for them to find the value in women if they’re not attached to a man, so they usually kill her off,” Ms. Rodriguez said.

Thank you David Leitch for recognizing and showcasing: “[Charlize is] f*cking badass.”