Boxers from Cuba win more Olympic medals than any other country, however, women are banned from competing. Watch as one woman continues to train in the hopes that the ban will be lifted.


Image via Nowness

Children’s clothing often perpetuates gender stereotypes, which can impact children negatively, especially girls. In an effort to encourage girls they can pursue whatever career path interests them like science and math,  #ClothesWithoutLimits, a professional consortium of 13 independent childrenswear companies, has designed clothing with positive messages and images traditionally limited to boys clothing like dinosaurs and robots.  Keep up the great work!

This week in Observer, JLEW bags founder Jamie Lewis shared her tips for morning workouts, which include packing everything in advance in a JLEW bag. “Before I go to bed, I add in whatever is required for that next day, which always depends on my workout of choice,” she says.


Photography by Luca Babini

Ice skating season is upon us which always reminds us of our favorite scene from The Cutting Edge.  “Toe pick” encapsulates the spirit of #girlswithguts with the perfect amount of flair.   Take two minutes and treat yourself.