Have plans for Saturday night?   If not, high tail it on over to the Wythe Hotel in Brooklyn and catch the 9p.m. world premiere of CLITCH.  Set in an underground fight club, CLINCH is a visual exploration of the tension between camaraderie and competition among women.  Director Diane Russo will be onsite for Q&A after.  See the trailer here.  Oh hey Stephanie Kent, we see you!


Other than water and your JLEW Bag, what’s the ONE THING you can’t live without?  We know, we know . . . your smartphone.   We can’t either.   But now we’ll qualify that by saying we can’t live without our smartphone . . . accessorized with a PopSocket!  Have you tried them yet?  They’re genius.  They truly allow for enhanced usability of your GoPro, tablet, phone and more . . . the possibilities are endless.  We only wish we’d invented these for JLEW Bags.


Need to detox after the long weekend?   Who knew the simple act of sleeping offers this benefit?  According to Michael Thorpy, director of the Sleep-Wake Disorders Center at Montefiore Health System and professor of clinical neurology at Albert Einstein College of Medicine, “The lymphatic system of the brain opens up at night, and removes toxins while we’re asleep.”  We know our brain feels fittest when we’re well rested, but there are consequences suffered from sleep deprivation too.  Sleep can feel like an indulgence, especially when we’re busy or stressed; and it’s often the first thing to go at these times. But as the research shows, sleep isn’t a luxury—it’s a necessity, and your brain will probably rebel if it doesn’t have enough. Read the full article from Forbes on the 7 Ways Sleep Affects the Brain here.  You can find tips on how to improve your sleeping habits here.


Surfing . . . in a dress . . . wearing high heels?  Yeah, that initiates professional surfer Maude Le Car into our tribe of #GirlsWithGuts without a doubt.  Evening gown and all, Le Car wants us to know that being a sexy professional surfer is one thing while being skilled and accomplished is another. We agree she’s accomplished exactly that.  Watch the video here.  If you need more of a pick-me-up as you transition back to work today, play this on repeat and thank us later.  Keep doing you, Maude!