Graduation season always energizes us as we celebrate accomplishments, gain motivation and perspective through commencement speeches and plan for the future.   Bill Gates certainly did not disappoint this year with his life and career advice, which prompted us to do some research on other memorable addresses.   Cecile Richards’ Barnard address in 2014 offers plenty of perspective and inspiration:

Working for social change, it is often hard to measure progress when you’re right in the middle of it.

Back when my great-grandmother was a girl, the only folks who couldn’t vote under Texas law were “idiots, imbeciles, the insane, and women.”

But wouldn’t you know, just two generations later, my mother, Ann Richards, was elected governor.

That’s the thing about women — give us an inch, and we just won’t quit.

Cheers to #GirlsWithGuts who continue to persevere!

PC: Asiya Khaki


Is there anything more fashionable these days than traveling?  This heat wave hitting NYC has us hunting for fun weekend adventures.   Lucky for us we’re hitting two of the top ten cities on Thrillist’s list this weekend (Vegas) and next (Nashville).   Um, do you know there’s a Daisy Duke museum in Nashville?   We’ll do our best to meet gutsy gal Catherine Bach and get some summer bag inspo.


As if you needed an excuse to visit Australia, we found it . . . a new fitness class incorporating swimming, core, aerobics, dance and interval training . . . MERMAIDING!    #GirlsWithGuts will appreciate the many benefits of mermaiding: stronger core muscles, higher endurance, higher flexibility in shoulders, spine and hips, less back pain, better self-esteem, and a happier soul because you are able to get away from the hustle and bustle of everyday life for a while and simply enjoy a new activity!

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With so much technological change and stimulation today, we see the trend toward simplicity and mind/body connection accelerating.   While many push themselves harder to keep up with all of the trends, we salute those who have the guts to take a step back, breathe and prioritize how to invest their time and resources.  We appreciate why fashion insiders might become meditation gurus or florists and why someone like Roz Savage would quit her job and row across three (3!) oceans.  Read more about this gutsy gal’s perspective on fear (or what we deem “flair”) here.