We really cannot stop jumping up and down with excitement to share this collaboration with you!    We’ve shared some insight on the amazing Cary Williams and the great work she’s doing at Too Pretty Brand before.    We’ve also flooded your IG feed with cheers for Heather “the Heat” Hardy.   What you might not have seen is how fired up we get when these women aren’t given their fair shake.   Rather than complain about how much less respect and pay professional female fighters get versus men, we decided to take action.    Enter the #NeverTooPretty JLEW clutch.  Cary and Jamie teamed up to create this clutch, stamped with the Too Pretty logo and adorned with the signature JLEW boxing glove zipper pull, and a portion of proceeds from the sale of each will be given to Heather.   Heather exemplifies the very best qualities of #GirlsWithGuts – she’s loving, giving, passionate, hardworking and gracious.  She moved us most at our event in January when she said “the idea that only one woman can be good at a time, it’s just not true . . . we can all be good.”   Let’s show ’em with our actions!

PC: Luca Babini, backstage at the Barclay Center 3/4/17 where Heather (19-0) defended her title


Mindy really did describe this skirt best: “The tulle on her Pink Sheep Heiress skirt is so girly and feminine but there is a toughness to it . . . the vibe felt like Madonna in her infamous Like A Virgin video.”  Um, yeah, even without featuring our amazing Treasured Clutch in the photo, we’d say this feature qualifies as “on brand” with JLEW and our #GirlsWithGuts . . . the fact that we make #BagsWithASilverLining and she titles her blog Finding Silver Linings helps too.  Oh, did we mention that Pink Sheep Heiress also manufactures in the USA?  Thanks for featuring us Mindy and way to crush those 2017 resolutions!


This fitness tip will blow your mind.  No, really.  Have you ever heard of tapping or EFT?  Yeah, we hadn’t either until we had the absolute pleasure of meeting Georgina Noel.  EFT is a system of tapping on meridian points. It alleviates stress, physical and emotional pain and trauma in a non-invasive way.  Sound a little too hippy dippy like an energy healer?   Think about it this way.  Georgina is like a personal trainer for your brain.   You work out every other muscle . . . why not flex the most important one?   While she claims to unlock you we must admit, she will, but she’ll hook you too!

PC: “The thing that you try to hide is the very thing that people will love you for the MOST!” – Georgina Noel


We encourage everyone to think globally about the need for peace and understanding while also shopping locally in preparation for celebrations this weekend.   Keep it Made in America this weekend with treats from Peeps and Jelly Belly, eggs and grass for your basket from woman-owned (woo hoo!) eco eggs and even dye for the eggs from Doc Hinkle Easter Egg Dye.  Read more here.

Easter Peeps Centerpiece idea courtesy of Taste of Home.