Maybe She’s Born With It is an exhibition that explores the current surge of feminism in contemporary society. The exhibition includes works of art from Sarah Maple, Nicky Minus, and Gina Wynbrandt.


Sarah Maple, “Banana Cock,” The Cocks series, 2012 | Image via Hausmag

Did you know that Gigi Hadid designed a limited-edition boot with Stuart Weitzman? It’s a hiker-inspired, lace-up bootie with a combat silhouette, set on a stacked heel. “I was really thinking of myself in New York, running around everywhere during the day and at night,” Gigi said. “These designs have the ability to go from sexy to sporty, and they have an agility to them but a gracefulness at the same time.” And they pair perfectly with JLEW bags.

Image via Stuart Weitzman


Good movement is measured by an ability to move how the body was designed with the least amount of stress. Interestingly, nothing illustrates quality of movement like watching a great athlete do his or her thing. Why? Because they move like kids do . . . with economy of motion, balance and effortless grace.”

Good movement can be a major asset for athletes including surfer Kelly Slater, who uses Foundation Training. Foundation training improves his posture and balance by strengthening his muscles that don’t get as much use in surfing, allowing him to move effortlessly.

Six female CEOs were featured on Fortune’s Businessperson of the Year ranking. This list highlights “the business leaders who are delivering the best results, and have the most compelling strategy, vision, and general influence on the world of business.” The six women include: Ulta’s Mary Dillon, GM’s Mary Barra, Ross Stores’ Barbara Rentler, Reynolds American’s Susan Cameron, General Dynamics’ Phebe Novakovic, and Synchrony’s Margaret Keane.

GM’s Mary Barra | Image via Car Crushing