After wearing 2″ heels speeding through New York City twelve to fifteen hours a day year after year, our founder’s feet finally screamed “enough!”   You’ll notice she’s relegated to flats and running shoes now despite having a closet full of heels.   That’s why we were so pleased to see Dansko praised by T Fashion this week.  As you know, we appreciate clean, functional design and few fashion products do this as well as Dansko, so please accept our BRAVO!

Credit Mari Maeda and Yuji Oboshi. Styled by Carin Scheve. Prop Assistant: Charlie Kilgore


Too Pretty Brand is featuring Female Founders this month, including ours.   Here’s what Jamie said when asked who/what inspired the creation of JLEW Bags: “I didn’t set out to start a company per se.  The inspiration snuck up on me, truly.  Look at women bustling through the streets of New York or racing through an airport, hauling kids and running errands and you’ll find one thing that stands out, now that I call your attention to it.  Women are dressed and accessorized impeccably, yet they all seem to carry multiple bags . . . one high end, one low end.  The low end one always appears out of place and it’s often a freebie shopping tote or cheap gym bag she grabs on-the-go.   I kept searching for a bag that was big and versatile enough but also looked elegant to transition from airplane to office to gym and when I couldn’t find one, I set out to make my own.”  Read the full interview here.


We think mental fitness is as important as physical fitness.   Join us Thursday March 23rd at Red Flower starting at 5:30pm to refresh your everyday rituals.   Three female founders, Erica Joy Dunn of The Wellness Mercantile, Yael Alkalay of Red Flower and Jamie Lewis of JLEW Bags, will show you how incorporating some simple things into your daily routine can bring you more pleasure.  Plus you’ll get to network with some amazing ladies!  Follow us on Facebook for upcoming details about the event.


This month we had the absolute pleasure of meeting DJ Jamie Pabst of Miss Behavior Music.  She believes nothing is more powerful than the sound of music and when used strategically, music can influence the way we think, feel and behave.  Want a groovy state of mind?  Listen here.  You know we won’t stop here . . . we’re planning something spectacular with her next month . . . join our mailing list to stay tuned (get it?).