Last week members of our team had the absolute pleasure of engaging with Tannenbaum Helpern’s Women’s Initiative.  This group creates a platform for women professionals across industries to build their business networks, support each other and collaborate on business and marketing endeavors. The Women’s Initiative sponsors several events each year attended by entrepreneurs and professionals from a wide spectrum of industries and specialties.  We loved the energy in the room and the focus on women helping women.  Thank you for including us!


Thank you Erin McKelle Fischer of Bustle for explaining why it’s perfectly logical to carry a BIG BAG!  She says the reason she carries such big bags is probably similar to most women’s logic: Because it allows her to carry her life around. When she can fit her laptop, reading material, phone, snacks, chargers, and more into her bag, it means that she can do a variety of things at any given time. It also means she doesn’t have to stop home as much as someone who isn’t carrying a large bag might, since she can solve the problems of being hungry, needing to charge her electronic devices, or having to write an article no matter where she is thanks to that unusually large purse.  See the genius gifs in response to the annoying questions women carrying large handbags are sick of hearing here.


Mental fitness and physical fitness go hand in hand and “Hurricane” Heather Jo Clark is sharing just this through her new podcast Believe 2 Believe.  “The biggest obstacle has been my own head” and “Just try to win the day” were some of our favorite soundbites from her first episode with UFC star Leslie Smith and Bellator Star Keri Melendez.  Tune in to hear more here.


Inspired by the Japanese art of kintsugi, in which the artist fuses a broken piece of pottery with gold in order to repair it, Cindy Johnson’s volunteers of all ages applied gold paint to their own (and their loved ones) places of brokenness: their scars. Johnson then used her skills as a photographer to create some truly stunning imagery. The photos are not only mesmerizingly beautiful, but they make a statement and serve as a deeply powerful reminder that every step of our journey, scars included, forms us into who we are today.  See and read more here.