Ivy League women make 30 percent less, on average, than their male counterparts.  In their early 20s, Ivy League women keep up with men. They graduate with higher GPAs and start at similar salaries. But somewhere between age 26 and 34, their male classmates advance professionally at a pace they don’t match.  Read more here.  Our founder understands this issue quite well and she is working on a project currently in connection with some Women In Business and Economics students at DePauw University that we can’t wait to share with you.

PC: The Equal Opportunity Project / Caroline Kitchener


We chose Beyonce for Fashion this week, but if we had a section on amazing gestures of women supporting women, Adele would steal that category hands down!

Clad in a golden gown and headdress, as most of you likely saw, Beyonce performed on a long table surrounded by backup dancers. She sat on a chair and leaned back in a gravity-defying trick that those inside the theater said took some time to set up before the act. It was an ode to motherhood, with many images alluding to childbirth.  See the gutsy performance and read more here.  Keep doing you, Beyonce!

PC: Matt Sayles/Invision/AP


It IS Valentine’s Day tomorrow, so why not treat your loved one to something extra special . . . like OM, aka Orgasmic Meditation?


How fantastic are these photos of ballerinas against city backdrops?   We love the combination of grit and grace.  See more here.