Female makers are near and dear to our heart.  When our founder traveled to Guatemala for New Year’s this year, she was not only awestruck by the sheer beauty of the country and people, but also the culture of Mayan weavers.   When she learned a friend had produced a documentary for her graduate research project about the social, cultural and economic implications of weaving, in particular among indigenous women, she felt compelled to share.  See more here.


New York Fashion Week is upon us.   Increasingly, designers and brands are questioning the purpose of a fashion show, and looking for ways to, as Leon put it, “insert fashion into culture.” If the point of a show is to appeal to consumers, rather than cater to the needs of the fashion industry’s professional class, then why should conventions like the traditional static or catwalk presentation obtain?   We love the idea of Justin Peck’s ballet itself serving as Opening Ceremony’s “show” but do believe New York will remain as the hub for “cool-kids.”


Jenna Wolfe was most recently the Today show lifestyle and fitness correspondent. Jenna spent 12 years as a sportscaster before joining the Today show in 2007. A self-proclaimed dare devil and thrill seeker, she is also a certified personal trainer.   #GirlsWithGuts like Jenna energize us – check out her latest book, Thinner in 30, here.   But why would a gutsy girl like Jenna stop with just a book?  Read more about her new show and interview with our founder here.


According to The Stylist, Elton John is teaming up with Paul Rudnick to bring The Devil Wears Prada to the stage.   If this is true, we will be first in line to buy tickets!

Read more here and PLEASE Meryl, we beg you . . .