We love our surfer #GirlsWithGuts!  Watch this video to see Malia Manuel, Coco Ho, Sage Erickson, and Lakey Peterson rippin’ it on the world’s best man made wave which is powered 100% by the sun!

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For the past eight years, Michelle Obama has been using her fashion choices to “not only define her tenure as first lady, but start a conversation that went far beyond the label or look she wore.” Read more about the former First Lady’s fashion legacy.

The Williams Sisters exemplify #GirlsWithGuts – not just for what they have accomplished on the court, but also off the court.  Athletics teach many lessons about leadership including setting an example, listening, being gracious in victory and developing a strong failure quotient. Read more about what athletics can teach us about the characteristics of great leaders.

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There have been more than 40,000 cases of reported sexual assault in Kenya since 2009. A group of older women, the oldest is age 85, have been meeting up for a self defense class so they can learn to defend themselves against predators. Read more about these gutsy women.

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