Only 9.4 percent of American mutual fund managers are women.  This isn’t a gender gap; it’s a chasm. And it would be startling in any field in 2017, but in finance it’s almost mystifying. A substantial body of research has shown that having more women in leadership roles — whether in corporations or asset management — seems to improve performance.  We have our own theories about why this “chasm” exists, but read what others suggest here.

Pictured here is Leah Zell, one of our favorite fund managers.  She says fund management is learned by hard-won experience.

Street art — otherwise known as graffiti — is having a moment in the fashion industry. For an artistic form that is sometimes illegal, often provocative and always unexpected, it’s understandable why. Designers are always seeking the new and more often than not, that means causing a reaction. From Moschino’s graffiti-tagged gowns to Gucci’s recent collaboration with GucciGhost, the people that once riled up fashion’s finest through mocking their money-orientated ways are now being welcomed with open arms.  Join us Saturday to see how JLEW bags incorporated street art into its latest design.  Read more about Fashion and Street Art’s Blossoming relationship here.

One of our favorite fighters, Chris Algieri, has been studying the art and science of food for almost 2 decades . . . putting what he’s learned to the test at the highest level. He has used his body and his experiences as a test subject to study the effects of training and nutrition on human performance. His work in the ring and out has brought him the highest level of competition in one of the most brutal and demanding sports in the world. This has given him unique insight into the lives and training of elite athletes from many different sports.  Teaming up with Dr. Michael Camp, he just released a combined workout and diet plan designed to get you in the best shape of your life, The Fighter Physique Volume I.   We bought it and so should you!

According to My Domaine, if swearing is seen as a sign of intelligence, then owning provocative art could indicate the same trait. If you are comfortable with curse words or controversial imagery, it could be a sign of your above average IQ, according to  Business Insider’s John Stanley Hunter. So don’t worry too much about offending guests, and show off your smarts through your art collection.  Read more here.

Photo & Art: LayerCake