Bianca Valenti is paving the way for female surfers. “Without Valenti, in fact, female surfers might still just be spectators at Mavericks, the renowned big-wave break near Half Moon Bay, where they are finally scheduled to compete this season. In a sport with no calendar, almost no financial incentive and a hierarchy ruled by men, a powerful voice was needed to help women break through. To Valenti’s great surprise, it turned out to be hers.” Read more about Bianca Valenti.

“While high fashion once combated, scorned, or, at best, ignored the kind of knockoff culture that Canal Street is known for, it’s now embracing it. Fashion is having a moment with Chinatown’s bustling boulevard, and not just aesthetically.” Read more about how how high fashion is colonizing Canal street.

Mikaela Mayer met Ronda Rousey six years ago. Since then, Mikaela has followed Ronda’s career and even had a chance to train with her “I was excited to be helping the champ. I was honored that they sought me out for some work. I have a classic boxing style, good movement, and I work my long straight punches well. I think they figured I would emulate Nunes and would therefore be perfect practice for Rousey going into this fight.” Read more about Mikaela’s experiences with Ronda.

Have you heard of ONEHOPE? For each case of ONEHOPE Sparkling Wine sold, 25 meals are donated to a child in need. Read more about ONEHOPE.

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