Maria Haggerty writes that strategic partnerships are one of the essential keys to operating, maintaining and growing a successful business and we couldn’t agree more.  She spoke with six executives including entrepreneurs, marketing executives and c-suite leaders from the lifestyle consumer goods industries, to find out what type of partnerships fuel their businesses.

Here’s what our founder Jamie Lewis had to say about manufacturing partnerships:

“We value the relationship we have with our manufacturer in the Brooklyn Navy Yard. As a business, I believe we offer an unparalleled customer experience because his interests and philosophy are aligned with ours. Many businesses look at the labor cost alone and don’t even give manufacturing locally a chance. We appreciate the labor cost is higher in the US than abroad, but we believe quality, reliability, integrity and the ability to offer bespoke services for clients should factor into overall decision making. Long-term growth of a brand requires consistency but also flexibility. In less than one year we have already introduced over 50 SKUs and do not feel like we are ‘hung’ with excess inventory – an impossible feat if not for the valuable relationship we have with our manufacturer.”

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